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RYT 体験レッスン+説明会

Oct 2021-Jan 2022
IYC Omotesando

毎週日曜日に体験レッスンと説明会を開催中。RYT200 Trial Lesson and Info Session Every Sunday.  

よくあるご質問 FAQ

RYTとはなんですか? What is RYT?

全米ヨガアライアンス協会発行のヨガ資格です。RYTとは”Registered Yoga Teacher”の略で、ヨガの先生として認定を受けていることを証明します。200時間のコースを通してヨガポーズ、ヨガ哲学、解剖学、指導法などを包括して学ぶことができるヨガ資格です。

A world recognized yoga certificate, RYT stands for “Registered Yoga Teacher”. One can register as an RYT 200 if they have successfully completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course.  

どうしても行けない日があります。I can't attend all the days.



Don’t worry. You can make up any time missed so everyone is able to graduate.  

Come to the trial lessons for more info.

200時間ってとても長く感じて不安です。200hrs seem pretty long....



Yes, 200hrs does seem long at first.  But soon you will realize that the curriculum is full of so many fun activities that most students want more!  

Check out the testimonials for what the graduates had to say about the RYT course.  

卒業後の就職支援などはありますか? Career guidance?





In Japan, bigger yoga studios tend to hold what are called “auditions” for their hiring process whereas smaller studios tend to hire through recommendations from other teachers.  IYC is one of those smaller studios.  

IYC, led by Ken Harakuma, is a studio with a long-standing history in Japan and has many great yoga instructors teaching on a daily basis.

We believe it is the connections you make with these great teachers during your RYT course that will help you get jobs in the future. 

どのスタイル(流派)のヨガを学べますか?What type (school) of yoga will be taught?



Mainly Hatha yoga but we will also invite teachers from the schools of Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Maternity, and Oki Yoga.  We hope that through the course you will be able to find the type of yoga you would like to pursuit and teach.  

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