Private Yoga Sessions

“I look forward to every session with Tom. ” Alex Watson


都内 個人ヨガレッスンは、恥ずかしがり屋さんやお忙しい方、またプライバシーを守りたい方に最適。






Private yoga / meditation sessions are perfect for students who are busy or too shy to practice at the studio. Many celebrities are enjoying this class for their privacy.  


・Complete beginners
・Pregnant individuals
・Those who cannot touch their toes 😉

private yoga lessons Tokyo

02. Better Progress



・身体がかたい。体を柔らかくしたい 。

Unlike group lessons, the attention will be fully on you.  This means that you will progress faster and better. Talk with your teacher to see which areas you might want to improve. ・Reduce chronic shoulder/ hip pain ・Improve your breathing ・Improve your ability to do do yoga poses (aka asanas) ・Relax more fully ・Improve flexibility and mobility ・Improve stamina


個人ヨガレッスン/ Private Yoga

¥ 9,000~ per class
  • 60 min * : ¥9,000
  • 75 min : ¥10,000
  • 90 min : ¥12,000
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Yoga from the comfort of your own living room. 

Yoga English Tokyo Private Class

Judy and Marc

Private Student - Beginner

I was introduced to Tom as a yoga teacher who would help my husband and I make yoga a part of our everyday lives.

He has definitely achieved that by teaching us to walk while relaxing our upper bodies, relaxing into yoga poses for longer 3, 4, 5 mins to poses tailored to the stiff points in our bodies.

We thoroughly enjoy his private classes at our home, his company and our discussions on lifestyle chooses.

We hope to be practicing yoga with Tom for many decades to come.

Tokyo yoga in English private sessions

Jes Valentin

Private Student - Intermediate

What a blessing! Tom makes deep connections effortlessly, while guiding through a practice of mindfulness, rigor, and no judgements.

Tom's yoga helped me pre and post baby, and more importantly, helped me build mindfulness and breathing awareness as foundational tools for my daily life. Thank you for making the time in Japan so special, Tom

S&K Wintels

Private Student - Beginner

We start our weekends refreshed and full of energy after Tom’s yoga class in the privacy of our home on Saturday mornings.

Tom effortlessly adapts his teachings to our skills, which are starting to exceed initial expectations of our own potential.

Tom brings a positive energy and a big smile, starting our weekends with a boost of “all that is good”

Alex Watson

Private Student - Beginner

I look forward to every session with Tom. He manages to be both very easy to get along with and very clear and realistic about how to develop your Yogic practice.

I finish every tutorial feeling both more relaxed and more focused with a distinct idea of the next step forward (in a non-aggressive way).

I am a Yoga beginner who started by watching a few Youtube clips a few months ago and got addicted(in a non-attached Yogic manner, of course).

I started getting private tutorials with Tom after I was given a few as a birthday present. I found that I made a marked improvement thanks to his helpful suggestions and constructive feedback.

Tom is an ideal teacher for beginners like me because he is both very charming and patient

Corporate yoga in Tokyo

Gary P

Private Student - Beginner

Tom has been meticulous, patient and always cheerful in working me through the basics of yoga.

My body is tight after years of weight training and, being in my 50s, I figured it was too late to learn new tricks. But Tom’s methodical approach over the past year has worked miracles, especially -at this stage- in terms of flexibility.

He offers private lessons in my home, a big help given the time constraints of my job, and adjusts the program to address my strengths and weaknesses. I’m still not there, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey. I strongly recommend him.

English Yoga in Tokyo

Tsuchiko Miyata

Private Student - Beginner

Being a yoga beginner in my 40s, it was often intimidating and frustrating to dive into group classes populated by serene yogis gracefully pretzeling in and out of crazy looking asanas.

That why I love doing private sessions with Tom. Tom is very patient and meticulous in his instructions. His sessions are challenging but never intimidating, upbeat yet meditative.

After every session, I feel energized and relaxed no matter how exhausted or stressed before stepping on the mat.

With Tom, I learn something new about yoga and also about myself. But most of all, I just love his smile and his energy!


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