"Tom is an amazing dynamic yoga teacher, with enormous patience and positive energy. " Neil Mclnnes




  • オフィスヨガ若しくはオンラインにてヨガ、ストレッチや瞑想を
  • 福利厚生の一環として
  • ストレス発散
  • 在宅勤務中の社内コミュニケーション活性化
  • 体力づくり
  • リラックスと集中力
  • 仕事のパフォーマンスアップに
  • 新入社員研修
  • チーム作り
  • ファミリーデーの一環として
企業ヨガ オンラインか出張 Office Yoga Online

Simple Stretches for Busy People

Corporate yoga is a great way to provide de-stressing stretching time for your busy employees.  The classes can be held at your office or on Zoom!

  • Yoga at your office or on Zoom
  • Perfect for employee benefit programs
  • Releasing stress
  • Energizing
  • Relaxation and concentration
  • Better performance
  • Employee training
  • Team building
  • Family day
オフィス 企業ヨガ オンラインでも

02. オフィスヨガ内容 MENU

Bodhi Yogaのオフィスヨガは100%カスタムベースでのご提供となります。



  • 肩こり、腰痛解消ストレッチ
  • 前屈で足タッチ
  • 健康増進
  • 睡眠の質改善
  • バランス力強化
  • 瞑想で集中力アップとリラックス

* 日本語での企業ヨガレッスンも可能ですので気軽にお申し付けください。

* 初心者に最適!

With Bodhi Yoga, the office yoga session is 100% customized to your needs.

Please consult with us so that we can come up with a menu that’s perfect for you.

Class Examples:

  • Stretching for shoulder & back stiffness
  • Learn to touch your toes!
  • Yoga for overall wellness
  • Yoga for better sleep
  • Yoga for better balance
  • Meditation for relaxation

*Corporate yoga can be taught in English, Japanese, or bilingually. 

*For ALL Level

03. 利用者の声 Testimonials

corporate yoga tokyo

Joeri Thys

Apac General Manager at L'Oréal

Tom’s classes are a heaven of peace in Tokyo’s urban jungle.

His classes are dynamic but with a good balance of stretching, breathing and relaxing.

Because he teaches in both English and Japanese his yoga sessions are adapted to both expats and locals. 

Check it out!

オフィスヨガ ストレッチ

Joshua Bryan

Director, Robert Walters Japan

Tom is an expert and highly versatile yoga bilingual teacher.

He can design custom sessions conducted in both English and Japanese, suitable for a wide variety of participants, from beginners to experts.

He's a trusted wellness programme leader for many corporate clients here in Tokyo, including Robert Walters Japan, and someone I recommend highly to those looking for a great resource available for remote / face-to-face sessions.  

Neil Mclnnes

Neil Mclnnes

General Manager Conrad Tokyo

Tom is an amazing dynamic yoga teacher, with enormous patience and positive energy. I had the pleasure of having beginner lessons with Tom, and always felt motivated and energized after these.

I then had Tom conduct some yoga classes with my team, which were very successful, as well as supporting some of our Employee Wellness Program activates which were very well received.

I would highly recommend Tom’s yoga classes, either one to one or in groups.

Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store with Tom.

オフィスヨガ 感想

Norie Fukuoka

Hilton Resort & Spa Human Resources Manager




英語も堪能でいらっしゃるので、企業の福利厚生としてレッスン導入も対応してくださいます。 (実際、レッスンをお願いをして、社員の皆様からも好評でした!) 

Nathan Andres

Global Human Resources Executive

Tom exemplifies living life with purpose.

From taking his 'salary-man' career to the yoga mat, Tom has the first rate personal experience to help others and guide others in the journey to learning mindfulness and finding purpose.

On or off the mat, Tom takes a genuine interest in his students. In person at the studio or online with his global audience of yogis, his classes are calming, thorough, meditative and relaxing.

From beginner novice to advanced practitioner Tom tailors each class to be inclusive and filled with spirit, love and joy.

I admire Tom's commitment to living his life with purpose to help and support others in their yoga journeys.

office yoga in Tokyo testimonials

Miguel Quintana

Freelance Journalist, Writer & Translator

If you’re curious about yoga and would like to give it a try, Tom Wada is the perfect guide.

Regardless of your level, he will guide you gently and with care along the path to better physical and spiritual wellbeing.

One thing is certain: you will walk out of his 75-minute sessions feeling better, lighter & more energized!

Classes are seamlessly bilingual in English & Japanese.

04. 企業ヨガ値段 HOW MUCH IS A CLASS?


Please contact us so that we can figure out the best menu and course. 



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