Yoga vs Samkhya (vs series 001)

lotus flower: yoga vs samkhya

Yoga vs Samkhya. This is episode 001 of my VS series where I try to understand conflicting ideas and studies on these topics on Yoga Philosophy and Physical movements.

Temple Yoga at Zojoji

temple yoga zojoji

Full Moon Yoga @Zojoji Temple 中秋の名月 増上寺ヨガ September 10 is a full moon and one of the traditional events known as the Mid-Autumn Moon. Let’s have a wonderful time doing yoga on this special night! The full moon around this period is said to be the most beautiful moon of the entire year.First, a monk from Zojoji Temple will give a talk, followed by a one-hour Yin Yoga class. The monk will also do yoga with us. LOL!After that, everyone will take a memorial photo together and the event will end. Location: Zojoji TempleReception: Zojoji Temple Main HallDate & Time: Saturday, 10th September, 6:30 p.m. 【中秋の名月】増上寺にてヨガ開催します。9/10 (土)18:30-19:30 3,000円残席少。ご興味ある方はDM下さい。初心者歓迎^_^